Do you #twostrap your JanSport?

JanSport Backpack

We must ask the question, do you #twostrap your backpack? Of course two strapping is when one wears both straps of the backpack instead of just hanging it off one shoulder. This style choice was so import that  the movie 21 Jump Street dedicated an entire scene to this question. Jonah Hill’s character of course opted to two strap his backpack and his choice was shown to still be true as he was spotted two strapping a JanSport Right Pack on the set of 22 Jump Street which is in production now!

Two Strapping JanSport Right Pack 22 Jump Street
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All JanSport backpacks are Guaranteed for Life, and since JanSport has been making backpacks since 1967, that is a guarantee you can count on.

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